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Our Methodology 

"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children". Walt Disney
​Our aims and goals

Development of basic needs
Being in a group
Making Friends
  • Expression of basic needs

  • Feeding themselves and basic hygiene practices

  • Expression of personal and internal feelings

Learn to interact and become used to being in the company of other children of similar ages.

Learn how to behave and communicate within the group and how to respect each other and the environment around them.

​Our Methodology

​Here at Tiny Town we like to focus on project-based learning. By doing this, we centre on different themes during the year, allowing children to carry out their own investigations related to the topic and to explore their own curiosities. With these projects, we always try to include an art project, song and story as well as all other organized games and activities themed around the topic in question. We also recognize the benefits of free play, encouraging this and playing alongside the children. We like to get involved and ask questions which encourage further investigation and thinking.

How do we achieve this?

Children learn through direct experience and exposure and we then believe that they should be actively allowed to explore and manipulate their environment, allowing them to discover their surroundings first hand. Our nursery’s unique layout allows for the basic development needs of each child and has been designed to spark their curiosity about aspects of everyday life. We partially focus on a child-led approach to learning, meaning that we give children the opportunity to show interest in a particular subject or topic they would like to learn more about.​

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